ICDSST 2020 in Zaragoza, Spain

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ICDSST 2020 is the EWG-DSS 6th International Conference on Decision Support System Technology

27-29 May 2020, Zaragoza, Spain

ICDSST2020 Feedback: https://www.irit.fr/survey/index.php/139477?lang=en

Picture: Beatriz Benedicto


Main Theme:

“Cognitive Decision Support Systems & Technologies”

Building the future of Decision Support Systems:
the power of the mind in the cognitive processes

The role that the human factor will play in the future of DSS and the technologies required to respond to the new challenges and demands of the Knowledge Society will be the main aim of this Conference.

ICDSST 2020 Venue:

University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain
Facultad de Economía y Empresa
Gran Vía 2, 50005 Zaragoza

Universidad-Zaragoza 2

Organizing Committee

Conference General Chairs:

Pascale Zaraté, José María Moreno-Jiménez

Conference Program Chairs:

Isabelle Linden, María Teresa Escobar Urmeneta, Alberto Turón Lanuza

Local Organizers:

Juan Aguarón Joven, Alfredo Altuzarra Casas, Victoria Muerza Marín

The EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems invites you to participate in the ICDSST 2020 International Conference on Decision Support System Technology on Cognitive Decision Support Systems & Technologies in Zaragoza, Spain. The Conference will be hosted at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Zaragoza, during the period of May 27th to May 29th, 2020.

Following on from the issues considered at ICDSST2019 (Decision Support Systems – Main Developments and Future Trends), ICDSST2020 will consider the role that the human factor will play in the future of DSS and the technologies (tools and knowledge) required to respond to the new challenges and demands of the Knowledge Society.

The Knowledge Society can be defined as a space for the talent, imagination and creativity of human beings. It has two fundamental characteristics: the development of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and the relevance of the human factor.

Information technologies focus on the utilisation of large scale databases in order to identify patterns of behaviour and create tools that can exploit them. Communication technologies support the interaction and collaboration of the actors that participate in the resolution of problems.

The human factor is a key element of the Knowledge Society and when we speak of its ‘relevance’ we refer to its influence in the consideration of a ‘new’ scientific method that allows decisional processes to incorporate the subjective, intangible and emotional aspects, associated with the human factor, in conjunction with the objective, tangible and rational aspects that are associated with traditional scientific methodology.

As with other living systems, the life process of the human being is a cognitive process; only species that learn and adapt to their context are able to survive. This is why traditional scientific methodology must be adapted to the new cognitive orientation inherent in the Knowledge Society. The cognitive orientation focuses on the continuous training  and learning of individuals (and the systems in which they are immersed) in the key aspect of being human: the ability to make decisions.

The scientific support for this new orientation must be through the development of technologies (tools and knowledge) that facilitate continuous training, in other words, the extraction and diffusion of the knowledge derived from the scientific resolution of problems; linking this knowledge to the arguments that support the different positions and decisions and to the technologies utilised for extraction and diffusion.

In addition to the consideration of the more traditional issues of our field, the ICDSST2020, under the title of “Cognitive Decision Support Systems and Technologies”, will concentrate on the development of technologies (tools and knowledge) that support the relevance of the human factor and the cognitive orientation in decision making.

Target Participants:

The ICDSST 2020 welcomes participants from a wide range of background around the world, including scholars, researchers, developers, specialists, practitioners and other professionals, as well as Master and PhD students, who are interested in the decision making and decision support related areas, such as DSS methodologies and technologies as well as application-oriented solutions.

Check the Call for Papers for ICDSST 2020 HERE!